Inspecting your store’s fire protection equipment

Inspecting your store’s fire protection equipment: an important task

In Quebec, all buildings must comply with the fire safety requirements laid out by the National Fire Code, which are included in the Quebec Safety Code and the municipal regulations of many cities, including Montreal. It’s absolutely imperative that buildings adhere to what the Code requires in terms of both preventive measures and protective equipment like fire alarms and sprinkler systems. At Guard-X, we believe that for the sake of your safety, it’s essential that you understand what these regulations are. Keep reading to learn more.

Active and passive fire protection

All residential, commercial and industrial buildings must provide certain forms of active and passive fire protection as prescribed by the National Fire Code. Passive protection has to do with making a building fire resistant through its overall design and the materials used in its construction. Active protection involves having an automatic system in place for detecting or suppressing a fire, like sprinklers or fire alarms.
In most cases, it’s the building owner who’s responsible for ensuring that the building is adequately protected against the threat of fire. The National Fire Code stipulates that the proprietor is required “to maintain the good and safe operating condition of the sprinkler systems, alarm systems, door closers and emergency equipment.”

Required equipment according to building type
The rules regarding fire protection are even more stringent if the building is a private seniors’ residence, health care occupancy or residential occupancy with sleeping rooms, such as an apartment building. For instance, a hotel must be equipped with fire separations, a fire detection and alarm system, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as an emergency lighting system in good working order. You can find more details on the website of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec.

At Guard-X, we specialize in the installation, maintenance and inspection of fire protection equipment for buildings in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. If you’re in need of a sprinkler or fire alarm system, emergency lights, fire extinguishers or gas detectors in the greater Montreal area, our technicians will be able to recommend and install reliable equipment that meets the requirements of the Quebec Safety Code. For more information—and for your peace of mind—contact us today!

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