Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems

Inspection and Maintenance of Fire Alarm Systems: An Absolute Necessity

At Guard-X, we take fire security seriously and perform a number of essential tasks to help curb disasters. In particular, the inspection and maintenance of fire alarm systems in the greater Montreal area is a priority. 

The services of our experts, who are trained in all aspects of the security code, are ideal for helping prevent catastrophes. Want to know more about how the inspection and maintenance of your fire alarm system works? Read what follows.

What gets checked during an inspection?

An inspection will verify that your fire alarm system is functioning properly and otherwise in good condition. While it only takes a few minutes, it’s a precaution that could save many lives. Here’s exactly what a professional looks for when he inspects your equipment:

  • The batteries are functional and long lasting 
  • The electrical and mechanical connections are in good working order so as to ensure the optimal functioning of the system
  • The alarms are operational and ready to sound the alert in case of fire 
  • All control buttons are working
  • The fuses and circuit breakers are operational and in good condition 
  • The fire alarm control panel can be clearly identified and all of the warning lights are working 

After these steps are carried out, our specialists will provide you with a detailed report of their inspection. You’ll find out what needs to be changed or repaired in order for your fire alarm system to be completely operational. 

How often should you check your fire alarm system?

Having your fire alarm system regularly checked gives you peace of mind, knowing that your alarms will instantly alert occupants of the building in case of a fire. Here’s a schedule of how often certain necessary checks need to be performed: 

  • Daily or weekly: check via the control panel that problems haven’t been detected and that the alarm system is completely operational. If you’re the building owner, you can do these tests yourself.
  • Monthly: do a few tests to guarantee that the system is functioning correctly. You can do these tests on your own or have a specialist do them for you.
  • Yearly: schedule a full inspection of your system, like the one described above, with a fire safety professional. 

The importance of the inspection and maintenance of your fire alarm system can’t be overlooked. The system needs to be fully operational at all times and conform to the established regulations in place for each building. At Guard-X in Montreal, our team is trained and experienced in the inspection and installation of fire alarm systems. Contact us today!

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