fire system inspection

3 great reasons to get your fire alarm system inspected

Whether you’re the owner of a manufacturing plant, seniors’ home, apartment building, retail store or private residence, protecting your premises with a fire alarm system is critical. Having your alarms in place is one thing, but it’s just as important that they work reliably and aren’t at risk of malfunctioning. That’s why regular professional inspections are essential. At Guard-X, we specialize in fire alarm installation and inspection in Montreal. Here are three excellent reasons to call us to inspect your system.

To comply with the Building Chapter of the Safety Code

The Régie du bâtiment du Québec mandates that fire alarm and detection systems be inspected and maintained periodically — once a year at minimum. These inspections must be carried out in accordance with the standard CAN/ULC-S536. If the inspection reveals any issues, you can hire a licensed contractor, such as Guard-X, to fix the problem and ensure that your alarm system conforms with the law.


To avoid potential problems with your insurance company

If a fire damages your building and you have no proof that your alarm system was inspected in accordance with regulations, your insurer has grounds to reject your claim. To avoid having to pay out of pocket for the hefty cost of a post-disaster cleanup, demolition and construction work, have your alarms inspected regularly by an authorized company.


To ensure optimal protection for your property and the people inside

As an owner, manager or employer, you’re responsible for the safety of everyone who occupies or uses your building. Additionally, it’s your duty to do everything in your power to preserve your assets (goods, equipment, furniture, etc.). In addition to having your fire alarm equipment inspected annually, you should perform other inspections and tests on a daily or monthly basis. Consistent inspections provide you with greater protection.


Turn to the experienced team at Guard-X for a professional inspection

Guard-X offers our customers a wide range of fire safety services. We provide fire alarm installation and inspection services in the Greater Montreal area and carry superior fire safety equipment and products including emergency lighting, intercom systems and Novec 1230. Our experienced team can help you obtain a certificate of compliance for your fire alarm system, fire extinguishers and sprinklers. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a service call.