equip your restaurant with a high-performance fire detection system

Why should you equip your restaurant with a high-performance fire detection system?

Ensuring the safety of customers and employees is one of a restaurant owner’s primary responsibilities. In fact, restaurateurs must ensure that all security measures are respected at all times. The facility must also have a fire detection system that will alert occupants in the event of a fire, and needs to be set up in such a way that makes it easy to get out. This blog post will present five reasons why you should equip your restaurant with a high-performance fire detection system.

1. Alert Your Occupants

Fire detection and alarm systems that don’t require human intervention to be activated are used to alert the occupants of a flaming building. This gives occupants a chance to leave the premises and protect themselves more quickly. 

2. Limit Material Damage and Reduce Financial Losses

In the event of a fire, material damages can accrue at Mach speed. Indeed, if the flames are not tamed quickly, the building may be declared a total loss in a few minutes. Moreover, in a restaurant, a fire can start in just a few seconds, and can even create explosions… think of gas-fuelled appliances! At Guard-X, we have the expertise required to equip restaurants with automated systems that will allow you to avoid a worst-case scenario.

3. Activate Sprinklers Automatically

Sprinkler systems are of utmost importance. As soon as one of the sensors detects the heat produced by the flames, the sprinklers go off. This will greatly reduce the progression of a fire and, in many cases, will save the lives of building occupants.

4. Notify the Municipal Fire Department

The sooner firefighters make it onto the scene, the quicker they will be able to manage the fire and assist people who are suffering from smoke inhalation, among other things.

5. Reduce Your Insurance Premium

Having an effective fire detection system can drastically lower your insurance premium. In fact, your insurer considers that a superior-quality system will reduce the risk of material damages in the event of a fire, which makes complete sense!

Protect Your Restaurant Thanks to GUARD-X’s Expertise!

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