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Keep Your Buildings Safe: Install Guard-X Automatic Sprinklers!

Installation of Automatic Sprinklers | Guard-X

In just a few minutes, a fire can cause considerable damage to a building. If you’re the owner of a private residence, an apartment building or a commercial space, it’s your duty to take all necessary precautions to protect your establishment and the people that use it. Experts in fire safety for over 75 years, Guard-X carries reliable and efficient fire extinguishing systems to help keep you safe. Read on to learn more about our automated sprinklers.

3 Perfect Reasons to Choose Our Automated Sprinklers

The installation of automated sprinklers is one of the most effective preventive measures you can take to protect your employees, your clients and the people that you care about. Here are three excellent reasons to get one of our sprinkler systems.

1. They go off automatically
At Guard-X, we know that time is of the essence when it comes to fighting a fire. This is why we offer automated sprinkler systems that are activated in the first few seconds upon a fire being detected, without any human intervention. In addition to extinguishing flames, they also send a signal to alert the nearest fire department.

2. They reduce the risk of damage
During a fire, our automated sprinklers slow down the spread of flames and smoke. This means that the risk of material damage and of people in the building incurring injuries is considerably lowered. In addition, the sprinklers facilitate the firefighters’ intervention.

3. They save you money
At Guard-X, our sprinklers meet standards 13 and 25 of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA): they are therefore guaranteed to go off in case of an emergency. Our fire protection experts also respect the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada’s (ULC) norms when installing, inspecting or maintaining your sprinkler system. For these reasons, insurers can truly trust our team. Therefore, you can expect lower insurance premiums when you use our services. Plus, since our automated sprinkler systems prevent the spread of flames, they limit financial loss in case of a fire.

Entrust us with the installation, inspection and maintenance of your sprinkler system

At Guard-X, we have the skills and tools to install, inspect and maintain your sprinkler systems and all your fire protection equipment in Montreal, Laval or on the South Shore. We also offer a wide variety of products and specialized automated systems. Contact us now!