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Guard-X Fire Alarm Installation Services: For Superior Protection

Guard-X Fire Alarm Installation Services

Fire alarm installation services - a specialty of Guard-X

At Guard-X, we specialize in fire alarm installation. Our company has been successfully installing state-of-the-art fire protection systems for more than 75 years. Our technicians demonstrate exceptional know-how to ensure your safety and protect your property. Continue reading to learn more about our recommended services in the city of Montreal.

Installation of fire alarms according the latest building code regulations

Following the 2013 adoption of Bill 122, residential buildings, daycare centres, retirement homes and most public buildings are subject to new building code regulations surrounding the installation of fire safety systems. At Guard-X, we carry out each installation in total compliance with applicable rules and norms, and all of our products also meet the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association and the Underwriters Laboratory of Canada (operated by Canadian insurers). Our qualified technicians can install a variety of different systems based on your company’s specific needs, including:

Microprocessor-based fire alarm control panels
Smart fire detectors and manual detectors
Fire alarms
Signal bells

Fire protection systems for private dwellings, rental buildings, businesses, schools and institutions

Guard-X installs fire alarms and other fire protection systems, such as sprinklers, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting, for different types of buildings in greater Montreal and Laval. Whether you own or manage a building, contact our office for service that’s personalized for your property. Our superior products and expert advice will keep you safe and sound. And that’s not all—we also offer these additional fire safety services:

Inspection and certification of fire alarms, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers in accordance with the latest building code
Fire extinguisher refills
Sale of fire safety products (portable extinguishers, batteries, etc.)


Emergency service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Our company won’t hesitate to do as much as possible to ensure our clients’ safety. At Guard-X, we’re proud to offer you an emergency service all year long, even on statutory holidays. Want to know the advantages of installing fire alarm systems or any of our other products? Don’t hesitate to call us today.