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We are happy to inform you that we are back to offer you our quality fire safety services.


We are well aware of the impact of the spread of COVID-19 on the well-being and activities of our employees, their families, our customers, our suppliers and our community. Thus, we have taken every precaution to protect you and respect the hygiene measures decreed by government authorities. Rest assured that all of our employees have access to the necessary personal protective equipment so that inspections and / or repairs are carried out safely and with the utmost respect for everyone.


Do not hesitate to contact us for all your fire safety needs: 514 277 2127.

Our Fire protection system

Fire protection system for your safety

Whether it is for a project to design, install, inspect or maintain your alarm systems or fire protection equipment, Guard-X Inc. is your trusted partner.

Do you own an establishment? Compliant with current standards, our fire protection systems offer you safety and peace of mind. Designed to meet your needs and the various requirements imposed by law 122, our systems act to prevent the risk of fire and provide you with optimal protection in the event of a fire, thus safeguarding the lives of those present and your property.

Our qualified and experienced teams are available at all times in the event of an emergency; they can intervene all year round, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on public holidays.

Design and installation of sprinkler systems

Whether you are an individual or a business owner working in the commercial or industrial sector, you can count on the skills of our qualified staff to design and install a custom sprinkler system. Whatever the scope of your project, from the simplest system to the most complex for your industrial infrastructures, Guard-X Inc. is committed to offering you effective protection for your safety.

Depending on the nature of your building, existing or under construction, residential or industrial, we are able to install different fire sprinkler systems to control fire outbreaks:

 Water sprinkler systems are the most frequently installed.

 Air sprinkler systems are generally recommended in unheated buildings to avoid any risk of freezing the piping.

 Pre-action systems whose piping is also pressurized under air can be used on very large surfaces such as in small spaces (such as computer rooms), as its installation takes up less space.

 Deluge systems are recommended when there is a fire risk requiring automatic and simultaneous activation of all sprinkler heads.

Installation of fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems maximize the protection of your family, employees and property. They act as the first line of defence by detecting the outbreak of fire at the first sign. They optimize the response time of firefighting teams. But above all, they warn the occupants of the building or company to evacuate the premises for safety.

Installed by qualified and experienced technicians, our alarm systems meet the rigorous standards in force and adapt to your environment. Discover the different technological equipment and options available at Guard-X Inc.

Inspection, maintenance and certification services

Inspecting and maintaining your protection equipments is essential to ensure maximum protection. Our company is authorized to carry out regular inspections of your systems in order to check their proper functioning and to prevent any risk of anomalies.


In compliance with the building's safety code, our services are carried out rigorously by a dedicated team of qualified technicians specially trained for inspection. They include, in particular, the preparation and delivery of a detailed inspection report indicating precisely the condition of your equipment and installations:


 Fire sprinkler systems

Fire alarm systems

Portable fire extinguishers with annual maintenance and filling services

Contact us for any request for additional information. Our technicians undergo regular training in order to be constantly informed of the applicable regulations and to carry out a complete inspection of your equipment. Discover all the advantages of Guard-X Inc. certification.

Engineering and project management

One of the main strengths of our company is our engineering department. All projects that are entrusted to Guard-X Inc. start here. Thanks to our team of engineers, draftsmen and project managers, we design tailor-made, high-performance and safe fire protection systems in compliance with current standards and regulations.


We have state-of-the-art equipment and rigorously select our components to meet all requirements. Our team works on advanced design software, specially designed for the construction and engineering industry. Precise and rigorous, all results are validated by our engineers. After completing all the hydraulic tests and calculations required to ensure that the system design meets the requirements and standards, they approve the engineering plans that are then provided to you.


Do you have a construction project? In terms of fire protection system, to obtain a building permit, cities require that plans and drawings be issued by an engineer. Contact Guard-X Inc. today. Our teams are at your disposal.


You can also use Guard-X Inc. for fire safety training in your company.


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