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We are happy to inform you that we are back to offer you our quality fire safety services.


We are well aware of the impact of the spread of COVID-19 on the well-being and activities of our employees, their families, our customers, our suppliers and our community. Thus, we have taken every precaution to protect you and respect the hygiene measures decreed by government authorities. Rest assured that all of our employees have access to the necessary personal protective equipment so that inspections and / or repairs are carried out safely and with the utmost respect for everyone.


Do not hesitate to contact us for all your fire safety needs: 514 277 2127.

Fire Alarm inspection

Fire alarm inspection in Montreal

Want to know more about inspecting and maintaining your fire alarm equipment?

At Guard-X, we are committed to safety and fire prevention. The inspection and maintenance of fire alarm systems in the greater Montreal area are essential tasks that we perform to avoid unfortunate consequences. The services of our experts, properly trained according to the standards of the Safety Code, are ideal to prevent the undesirable.

What elements should be checked during an inspection?

The inspection is used to check the condition and operation of your fire alarm system. These few minutes, when used wisely, can save many lives! Here is exactly what a professional takes into account when inspecting your equipment:

 The batteries are functional for a long time;

 The electrical and mechanical connections are impeccable and guarantee the optimal functioning of the system;

 The warning systems are operational and will alert the plant in the event of a fire;

 The various controls are effective;

 Fuses and circuit breakers are functional and in perfect condition;

 The alarm panel is clearly identified, and there is no failure in the operation of the bulbs and lamps.

Once all audits have been completed, our specialists will provide you with a detailed report of their inspection. You will know what needs to be replaced or repaired in order for your fire alarm system to be fully operational.

This work must be carried out in order to bring the fire alarm and detection system into compliance with the requirements.

How often should the checks be carried out?

Regular and appropriate checks allow you to have peace of mind, since your alarm will instantly alert the building's occupants in the event of a fire.

Here is a schedule of the ideal minimum of required checks:

Daily or weekly: the control panel should not detect any problems, and the fire alarm system should be fully operational. As the owner, you can do these checks yourself.

Monthly: several tests must be carried out to ensure the proper functioning of the network. You can do these tests yourself or ask a specialist to do them.

Annually: more extensive tests and inspections, such as those listed above, must be performed by a specialist.

Who can do the work?

All installation, repair and modification work performed on a fire alarm system must be performed by a contractor holding the appropriate license(s). The inspection, on the other hand, does not require the contractor to hold a license. However, you must be vigilant, because if anomalies in the alarm system are detected by a contractor who does not hold a license, you will have to deal with a second contractor, this time with the appropriate licenses, to make the necessary modifications, repairs or replacements. It is therefore preferable to use a licensed contractor from the outset.

Guard-X holds the necessary certifications to inspect your fire system. If your system must meet ULC CAN-S-536 and ULC CAN-S-537 standards, we are the right company for you!

Contact us for assistance with the installation, testing and compliance of your fire alarm system!


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