Sprinkler system inspection

Sprinkler system inspection in Montreal

In Quebec, all buildings must comply with the requirements set out in the National Fire Code, which are included in the Quebec Safety Code and in the municipal by-laws of many cities, including Montreal. Absolutely unavoidable, these requirements apply to both preventive measures and protective equipment, including the installation of a sprinkler system.

Passive and active protection standards

All residential, commercial and industrial buildings must meet the passive and active protection standards prescribed by regulations. Passive protection refers to fire resistance, including structural and material resistance; active form refers to the use of an automatic detection or suppression system.

However, it is the owner or operator of the building who is responsible for ensuring adequate fire protection. The regulations clearly define its obligations. According to the National Fire Code, this includes ensuring that "... sprinkler systems, alarm systems, door closers and emergency equipment are maintained secure and in good working order."

Are you looking for a company that can inspect your sprinkler systems?

Guard-X can help you implement your inspection obligations in Montreal and surrounding region: our company offers quality service and complete fire protection for buildings of all types, in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Whether it is for an installation, inspection, modification or repair of automatic sprinkler systems, Guard-X is committed to providing diversified products and services, designed according to recognized standards and perfectly adapted to your fire protection needs.

Never underestimate the importance of your inspections!

The inspection of the sprinklers includes checking the proper functioning of each of the sprinkler components to ensure that any fire in the building can be properly extinguished. The inspection can detect if communication with the fire alarm is well established with the emergency services, so that they can respond as quickly as possible in the event of a fire.

We offer an inspection service for all types of automatic sprinkler systems. You can count on our qualified and experienced inspectors. In addition, our service and maintenance units are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

By doing business with us, you will benefit from several advantages:

 A qualified, certified and experienced team

 A complete quality service

 Competitive rates

 A fast inspection service available 24 hours a day

Contact one of our safety and fire protection system inspection experts today to book an appointment.

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