Fire Detection


Resettable fixed-temperature heat detector

Category: Fire alarms

Sub-category: Fire detection

Code: 245A

Description: The 245A series heat detector is activated at fixed temperature and resets when the temperature returns to normal.


  • Fixed Temperature

  • Resettable

  • Open circuit

  • Easy to install

  • Protects up to 400 ft2. (37 m2)

  • ULC

  • Activated at 135° F (57° C)

Rate-of-rise heat detector

Category: Fire alarms
Sub-category: Fire detection
Code: CR135

Description: The CR-135 model is a combined rate-of-rise and fixed-temperature detector. A set of contacts that are normally open will close when the ceiling temperature increases at a (minimum) rate of 8.4° C (15° F) per minute. The closing of the contacts initiates the fire alarm sequence. The fixed temperature function, which operates independent of the rate-of-rise function, consists of a spring-loaded plunger that is held by a fusible alloy that releases when the ceiling temperature reaches 57° C, (135° F). When the plunger is released, it strikes the contacts and holds them closed. Rate-of-rise detectors must be placed at 70’ (22 m) intervals on flat ceilings, and fixed temperature detectors 40’ (12.5 m) intervals.


  • Contact rating: 3 A at 125 V AC, 1 A at 28 V DC, 0.3 A at 125 V DC, 0.1 A at 250 V DC

  • Dimensions: diameter = 5.25” (13.4 cm), height = 2.0” (4.85 cm), weight = 0.41 lb. (330 g).

Photoelectric smoke detector

Category: Fire alarms
Sub-category: Fire detection
Code: C2WBA

Description: I3 series smoke detectors represent a significant advance in conventional detection. The I3 family is founded on three principles: ease of Installation, Intelligence and Immediate inspection.


  • Plug-in detector, mounting base included

  • Large wire entry port

  • In-line terminals with SEMS screws

  • Stop-Drop'N Lock™ base attachment

  • Detector cover and chamber can be removed for cleaning

  • Built-in remote maintenance signaling

  • Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms

  • Simplified sensitivity measurement

  • Variable colour luminous indicators with wide-angle visibility

  • Loop testing using the EZ Walk function

  • Built-in test button

  • Can be mounted on octagonal and single backboxes, 4” square backboxes or directly on the ceiling

Single-stage pull station

Category: Fire alarms
Sub-category: Fire detection
Code: MS-401GX

Description: Attractive and durable, MS-401GX Series metal stations allow for manual activation of the alarm in the case of a fire. They are non-coded single- or double-action devices that initiate an alarm when the handle is pulled. To reset, simply insert a 1/8" screwdriver from the front. The handle remains open once it has been pulled, and cannot be reset without using a screwdriver.


  • Durable extruded aluminium construction

  • Attractive, low profile design

  • Standard single backbox mounting

  • Can be converted to double action

  • Optional glass rod

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