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Guard-X offers a wide array of products that are guaranteed safe, durable and efficient, and meet the highest standards within the fire protection industry. With over 75 years of experience under their belts, Guard-X’s trained experts will guide you towards the pertinent products for all your security-related needs.

Heat detector

Our enterprise offers various other products and services related to general security, including the inspection and installation of intercoms, gas detectors, video surveillance and much more!

Guard-X also offers engineering services related to all facets of fire protection. To learn more, contact our experts today at 514-277-2127.

With Guard-X, you also benefit from knowledgeable professionals who have proven their worth in matters of developing and setting up all types of emergency/evacuations plans. We guarantee emergency planning that respects all current norms and standards, as well as the specific needs of your establishments.

Evacuation plans contain a wealth of information to facilitate the evacuation of a building and the fire department’s intervention. Our evacuations plans display the following:

  • Evacuation pathways;
  • Emergency exits;
  • Locations of fire protection equipment;
  • Emergency services contacts.

Evacuation plans

The purpose of our emergency planning is to put in place all components necessary for an effective response in the event of a fire emergency. Our evacuation plans are accompanied by the installation of fire detection hardware, such as heat and smoke detectors, in conformity with industry norms. These devices will ensure the protection of your buildings and their occupants by quickly detecting any imminent dangers.

Guard-X Inc. offers you valuable assistance for the redaction of emergency and security measures to respect in the event of a fire emergency. It is important to note that an evacuation plan and emergency measures established by non-professionals may have negative impacts on the security of individuals in the event of an emergency. Therefore, it is highly recommended to follow the indications of our security experts.

Here are some of the emergency measures that appear in our plans, with your requests in consideration:

  • evacuation instructions;
  • floor plans and room plans;
  • particular measures to facilitate an evacuation;
  • emergency services contacts;
  • location of portable extinguishers, which are necessary for halting the progress of a fire emergency without taking any undue risks.

Guard-X Inc. prides itself on providing answers for any preoccupations that our clients may have concerning available products and service, so do not hesitate to contact our experts.

We can help you prepare for the worst, so that you can face any emergency with complete confidence. For a complete list of products, contact our experts at 514-277-2127.