Life at Guard-X

Without the contribution of our employees, Guard-X could not offer its signature high quality customer experience. Our group relies on team spirit, respect and mutual support in order to thrive.

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Why build your career at Guard-X?

Evolve your strengths within an innovative, people-centered enterprise.

Our team strongly believes that nothing is impossible, and that together we can surmount any challenge or obstacle. We thrive on consistent improvement, which pushes us to work tirelessly to advance our enterprise and offer a motivating, enriching experience for our employees.

A Flexible Environment

At Guard-X, we know that the well-being of our employees depends on maintaining a healthy work/life balance. As such, we have shaped an environment adapted to this reality. With access to telework, flexible schedules, accommodations for single-parent families and a management that adapts to the spontaneities of life, working at Guard-X comes with considerable advantages in regards to work/life balance.

Favorable Work Conditions

With time and experience, we have concluded that focusing exclusively on compensation is a poor approach to creating favourable work conditions. As such, the advantages we offer are not limited to a competitive, equitable salary. We also provide equipment, uniforms and vehicles for its on-the-road employees, as well as alternative arrangements for work time/location, time off for familial responsibilities, support for employees’ families and overall adaptability unique to Guard-X.

Our values

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