About us

Our History

Founded in 1938, Guard-X swiftly built its reputation as an innovative force in the fire protection industry with an invention named ‘’The Guard-X Special’’. It was composed of a glass globe, filled with 23 fluid ounces of carbon tetrachloride and equipped with a fuse that melted at a given temperature. This product was revolutionary at the time, as it could detect fire emergencies and quickly react to extinguish them.

Guard-X History

Your protection has been our priority for over 75 years!

For over 75 years, our enterprise has grown its fields of expertise in the fire protection industry while offering a highly professional and specialised service.

Guard-X offers inspection, installation, and maintenance services for fire alarm systems, sprinklers, extinguishers, automatic extinguishing systems as well as security systems.

At Guard-X, our team endeavours to provide comprehensive solutions to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients for all their fire protection needs.

Our 135 devoted employees are dedicated to offering superior customer service and the highest quality products.

Here at Guard-X, the wellbeing of all our employees is of upmost importance. We are proud of being the very first enterprise composed of 100-500 employees having received the official work-life balance certification. In addition, Guard-X is engaged in its community as an official affiliate of the Enfant Soleil commission.