Extinguishing System

Inspection and Installation of Automatic Extinguisher Systems

Whether it be for your enterprise, shop, condominium, rental unit or private residence, you can trust Guard-X INC. with the inspection and installation of your automatic kitchen extinguisher systems, industrial extinguisher systems and Agent systems.

Automatic extinguishing systems  in Professional Kitchen

Our proactive approach ensures the proper maintenance and functioning of your automatic extinguisher system. Our professional interventions ensure the execution of accurate inspections and first-class installations, unparalleled within the fire protection industry.

Reliable, High Quality Automatic Extinguisher Systems

Guard-X is an enterprise fully dedicated to the security of individuals and enterprises, as well as the protection of material goods. We offer a wide array of services and automatic extinguisher systems adapted to both residential and commercial sectors alike, including Novec 1230, High-Pressure CO2, Inergen, Powder Systems, Foam Systems and Kitchen Systems.

Automatic Extinguisher System Inspection

The verification of your extinguisher system is crucial, and must take place on regular intervals.

The maintenance of your fire protection system ensures the proper functioning of all its components. We are committed to responding to the needs of our clients, while respecting industry regulations and professional standards.

Whether it be for your archives, server room, restaurant equipment, painting room or industrial equipment, do not hesitate to contact our reliable, trustworthy team.

For the inspection, installation and maintenance of your automatic extinguisher system in Montreal, Laval, South-Shore and all throughout Quebec, do not hesitate: contact us today!

For emergencies, we remain available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.