Portable Fire Extinguishers


Portable fire extinguishers are the most practical element of fire protection systems. Having well-maintained extinguishers within reach is a top priority in the event of a fire emergency. Interested in purchasing portable extinguishers for your enterprise, shop, condominium, rental unit or private residence? As your provider of choice, Guard-X is ready to help you find the perfect extinguisher based on your specific needs.  

Portable Fire Extinguishers

The inspection, maintenance and sale of portable extinguishers is framed by the standards outlined by the NFPA 10, which oversees the proper location and maintenance of extinguishers. Guard-X’s trained technicians are experts in the use, installation and maintenance of portable extinguishers in Montreal.

Portable Extinguisher Maintenance and Refills

Guard-X is the enterprise of choice for the yearly maintenance and refiling of portable extinguishers in Montreal. During their yearly inspections, our expert technicians are ready to fulfill all your extinguisher related requirements. You can also count on us for extinguisher maintenance and refills, as dictated by manufacturer guidelines.

Portable Extinguisher Inspections

In order to ensure the proper functioning of your portable extinguishers, you must

  • Have the extinguishers inspected at least once per year
  • Have the extinguishers inspected and recertified each time they are used

At Guard-X INC, our experts are at your service to help you find the perfect extinguisher based on your needs and on current security standards.