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What Are the Main Causes of Fires in Quebec

Causes of fire in Quebec | Guard-X

The Main Causes of Residential and Commercial Fires

Did you know that an average of 16,500 fires are reported every year in Quebec? At Guard-X, leaders in fire safety in Montreal, we know the importance of robust fire protection. This entails having a system that’s installed and maintained by professionals and includes high-quality fire alarm systems, extinguishers, sprinklers and other fire protection products.

We also stress the importance of smart fire safety practices. In this article, we discuss the main causes of fires in homes and businesses so that you’re better equipped to take preventative action.


Distraction, carelessness and recklessness are the root cause of most residential fires. In fact, human error is responsible for half of the fires in the province and one-quarter of fires that start in the kitchen (excluding chimney fires). Here are some examples of scenarios that spell danger:

  • Forgetting a pot or pan on the stove
  • Leaving a burning candle in another room
  • Overloading an electrical outlet
  • Neglecting to have your chimney swept
  • Neglecting to clean your dryer lint screen
  • Smoking in bed or on the couch and falling asleep with a lit cigarette
  • Storing hot ashes from your fireplace near flammable material

Mechanical and electrical failures or defects (such as short circuits) are other major sources of residential fires.

It’s important to note that, according to the Ministry of Public Security, nearly one out of every three residential buildings that have burned down due to a fire didn’t have functional fire safety equipment, smoke alarms or a fire alarm system.


Stores, restaurants, offices and other businesses are no less prone to fire than houses. Some of the main causes of fires in commercial buildings include poorly maintained electrical installations, careless behaviour, improper storage of flammable substances and improper use of work equipment.

It’s the responsibility of business and property owners to do everything in their power to protect employees, customers and merchandise by installing effective fire safety equipment, instilling smart fire safety practices and developing an airtight evacuation plan.


At Guard-X, we’ve been committed to protecting people and their property from fires for more than 75 years. Trust our knowledgeable team to keep your Montreal home or business safe and in compliance with the strictest fire standards. We carry and install a full range of fire safety equipment, including fire alarm systems, smoke alarms and portable fire extinguishers. In addition, we’re available to provide you with expert advice about fire safety in Montreal. Contact us today!