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Guard-X Recognized for Facilitating a Healthy Work Life Balance for Employees During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Guard-X Recognized for Facilitating a Healthy Work Life Balance

Guard-X is awarded the "Conciliatory Organization of the Day" award.

As the coronavirus pandemic affects people across the globe, a number of essential businesses are making major efforts to continue to provide their services. Guard-X, the leading fire protection company in Montreal, cares a lot about the safety of its employees and customers. True to our core values, we’re adapting to the situation and continuing to respond to emergency calls.

Mention from the Réseau pour un Québec Famille
We’d like to thank the non-profit Réseau pour un Québec Famille for awarding us with the mention “L’organisation conciliante du jour” on Thursday, April 23. This is a distinction accorded to Quebec businesses to highlight their success in fostering a healthy work-family balance among employees. We’re honoured to receive this recognition. Encouragement from the community fuels our ambition to excel and innovate.


During this difficult period, commitment and adaptability are among the values that drive us. We’ve developed a recovery plan that involves improving the conditions of teleworking and implementing more flexible policies with regard to excused absences, particularly to help accommodate parents.


Guard-X, specialists in fire protection equipment in Montreal, is the first company in the category of businesses with 16 to 500 employees to receive the Sceau de reconnaissance en conciliation travail-famille (Seal of Recognition for Fostering a Healthy Work-Life Balance) from the Réseau pour un Québec Famille.


Thank you to our incredible team
We’d like to take this opportunity to express our immense gratitude to our employees. Their resilience, professionalism, patience and ability to adapt are remarkable under the circumstances. We’re confident that they’re doing everything they can to stay healthy, and this gives us great peace of mind.


At Guard-X, we believe that, together, we’ll not only get through this crisis, but will emerge from it stronger, more united and better informed. From now until the end of the pandemic, we encourage everyone to remain positive and follow the recommendations from health authorities (cough into your elbow, throw away tissues, wash your hands, maintain a safe distance and stay at home).


Due to the pandemic and in accordance with government recommendations, our company is currently closed. However, our emergency service remains open: call 514-667-8972 ext. 9.