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Does My Building Need a Heat Detector?

Does my Building Need a Heat Detector?

The benefits of heat detector.

Did you know that heat detectors are an indispensable component of fire safety systems in many buildings? If your residence or business has rooms that are very humid or dusty, these devices are needed in addition to traditional smoke detectors. Your fire safety experts at Guard-X have created this article so you can learn more about heat detectors and to judge whether you need any in your building.

How do heat detectors work?

Heat detectors look like smoke alarms and are battery-operated. They function using thermal sensors and trigger an alarm in one of two circumstances, or in both, depending on the model:

  • When the room temperature rises to a predetermined temperature (generally between 50 and 60 C)
  • When the room temperature abruptly rises

What are the advantages of heat detectors?

Heat detectors are inexpensive and easy to install. And, unlike smoke detectors, they don’t produce false alarms. They’re good to have in rooms that are dusty (such as a garage), particularly humid (such as a bathroom) or that can get smoky (such as a kitchen or a room with a traditional fireplace).

Their use is also recommended in industrial and commercial premises that store flammable and combustible products or products with smoke properties.

It’s important to understand that this device is not a replacement for a smoke detector: it must be used in conjunction with a smoke detector.

The models of heat detector that we carry

At Guard-X, we offer a range of fire alarm products that meet industry standards, including:
  • A resettable fixed-temperature heat detector that’s easy to install and is triggered when the room temperature reaches 57 C. As it resets automatically when the temperature goes back down, there’s no risk of the device being shut off and one forgetting to turn it back on (which could have fatal consequences). 
  • A rate-of-rise heat detector that also functions as a fixed-temperature detector. It produces an alarm when the temperature reaches 57 C but also when it spikes 8.4 C or more in a minute. 

At Guard-X, we care about the safety of our customers. To obtain a superior quality heat detector, contact us or visit us at our office in Montreal.