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Inspection of Fire Alarm Systems in Buildings: Your Diligence Can Save Lives

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Everything you need to know on the Building Chapter of the Safety Code

If you’re the owner or manager of a building, the Building Chapter from the Safety Code (BCSC) stipulates that you must have your alarm and fire detection systems inspected and serviced regularly. At Guard-X, we care about keeping you safe, and in this article, we provide you with an overview of these legal requirements.

Who do these regulations apply to?

The owners and managers of the following establishments have to comply with the BCSC regulations (this list isn’t exhaustive;visit the RBQ website to see which other types of buildings come under the new regulations):
  • Care centres
  • Daycares and schools
  • Large businesses and offices
  • Hotels, motels and inns
  • Private seniors’ residences
  • Restaurants
  • Auditoriums
  • Buildings with more than two storeys and eight units

Why are inspections important?

Having your fire alarm systems inspected by a professional ensures that all devices and parts are functional and that any outdated alarm system is upgraded. This procedure is therefore indispensable to keeping your occupants, visitors and property safe. Furthermore, it ensures that you fully comply with the regulation CAN/ULC - S536, as required by the the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ).

Note that the professional who carries out the inspection needs only limited certification. However, as any installation or repair work on the alarm systems will require the services of a contractor licensed in fire alarm systems — and, in some cases, in instrumentation, intercommunication or electricity — hiring such an individual is in your best interests. This way, you’ll avoid paying double.

When should inspections be performed?

You should be checking every day to make sure that your alarm system functions correctly and that your fire alarm panel doesn’t indicate that there are problems.

Once a month, you or a fire protection specialist needs to perform a few tests to ensure that the network is functioning correctly. A number of specific components need to be checked.

Every year, you need to have a fire protection company perform more extensive tests as well as a formal inspection and produce a full safety report. Keep this document as proof of your company’s compliance with BCSC regulations.

At Guard-X, our technicians are qualified to both inspect and install fire alarm systems. Contact us to receive a free quote. Wherever you are in Greater Montreal or Laval, our team will come to you. We look forward to serving you!