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How Do You Prevent Your Sprinkler From Freezing?

Prevent freezing of sprinkler systems | Guard-X

Given the brutal winters that knock on our doors each year, it’s important to take precautions with your plumbing if you have a sprinkler system. Frozen pipes can lead to not only burst pipes, but also blockages in water lines that prevent sprinkler systems from fully activating in the event of a fire.

The team of experts at Guard-X has put together a list of preventive measures to take to ensure your sprinklers are working properly during this year’s cold season.

What to do to keep your sprinklers from freezing?

Have your sprinkler system inspected by a professional before the cold sets in. The inspection will allow you to catch potential problems and find out if repairs are necessary.
You should also have your heating system inspected once a year to make sure it’s in optimal condition and fully functioning.
Keep your heat at an adequate temperature, even when you’re not around. Make sure the heat setting is high enough to keep your pipes from freezing.
Stay ahead of the problem by verifying that the pipes are sufficiently insulated. If there are issues with the insulation, have them fixed as soon as possible.
Check the insulation in all parts of the building, including doorways and stairwells. With good insulation throughout, the cold will infiltrate the building much less.
In case a power outage occurs during a cold snap and it becomes impossible to keep the building warm, call a professional to drain the water from the pipes. Don’t forget that your sprinkler system will no longer function during this period and that you’ll need to take extra care to avoid anything that could create a fire.
After an intense cold spell, call an expert to check that your sprinklers are still operational and that there are no traces of ice.

What to do in case of frozen or broken sprinklers?

If your preventive efforts aren’t enough and your sprinkler system ends up freezing or breaking, call a professional immediately. At Guard-X, we’re available 24/7 for emergencies.

Have questions about our sprinkler alarm system inspections or the fire protection equipment that we offer? Contact Guard-X without delay. As Montreal’s leaders in fire protection, we’re happy to respond to all of your questions.