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Subsidies for Installing Sprinklers in Private Senior Residences

Subsidies for Intalling Sprinkler in Private Senior Residences

Subsidies for Sprinkler Installation in Private Senoir Residences

Still need to install a sprinkler system in your private seniors’ residence? Whether you’re in Montreal or elsewhere in Quebec, you could be eligible for a government subsidy to cover part or all of the costs of improving your fire protection system. At Guard-X, we can help you make sure your building is in compliance with the regulations regarding the installation of required equipment (alarms, sprinklers, extinguishers, etc.) Keep reading to learn more.

The subsidy program in question aims to prevent tragedies like the one that happened in 2014 in the Résidence du Havre à L’Isle-Verte. Its objective is to help private seniors’ residences install sprinkler systems, equipment that could have helped save the lives of the 32 people who sadly perished in the infamous fire.

In January 2018, the Quebec government increased subsidies by 40% with the goal of encouraging proprietors of private seniors’ homes to conform to the regulations put in place by the Régie du bâtiment. If your residence consists of 30 units or less, the province will assume 100% of the installation costs. If it contains more than 30 units, government aid will cover between 60 to 80% of the costs.

Private seniors’ residences certified by the Ministry of Health and Social Services who don’t have a sprinkler system, only have a partial one, or have one whose system doesn’t conform to government regulations are eligible for this subsidy.

Costs covered
Government aid covers all direct costs of the project, namely the cost of sprinkler systems and all building, electrical and plumbing work required for their installation.

You can find more details about this program, including a complete list of admissible upgrades, on the website for the Ministry of Health and Social Services. The Fire Security Service of Montreal can also help you.

Time is limited
You have until December 2, 2020 to get your building in line with the new regulations. If you haven’t already started the necessary upgrades, call us without delay to request an estimate!

At Guard-X, we take the safety of your senior residents to heart. Whether you need to install new sprinklers or modify an existing fire detection and alarm system, contact us!