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Is Your Building’s Fire Suppression System Up to Code?

Standards for fire protection systems | Guard-X

To limit material damage and more importantly, human casualties, prevention is key. For your safety and that of your staff, tenants or patients, it’s important to make sure that your building is equipped with a fire suppression system that’s reliable and compliant with all applicable norms. At Guard-X, we know all about the relevant standards and regulations, so read on to find out more.

What norms govern fire safety?

The Buildings chapter of the Safety Code comprises a variety of norms and regulations that aim to ensure everyone’s safety in the event of a fire. As per these Quebec-specific standards, which are based on and correspond to those in the National Fire Code of Canada, you must:

• Establish an evacuation plan and procedure and practice it at least once a year
• Keep your fire suppression system in good working condition and have it inspected at least once a year by a specialised firm
• Have on-hand the necessary staff to carry out an evacuation in case of fire and inform them of the steps to take in such a situation

Specific requirements apply to certain types of buildings:

• Seniors’ residences and residential occupancy buildings (apartments, hotels) must have fire separations, emergency lighting that can stay on for at least 30 minutes, carbon monoxide detectors (CAN/CSA 6.19 standard compliant) and smoke detectors (CAN/ULC-S531 and CAN/ULC-S553 standards compliant). Smoke detectors must be replaced every ten years.

• Caregiving establishments (hospitals, public senior residences, long-term care facilities) must be equipped with fire separations, an emergency lighting system that can operate without power for at least two hours, and a fire detection and alarm system, among others.

Did you know?
Private residences for seniors as well as care establishments must be equipped with a sprinkler system that conforms to the NFPA 13 standard before December 2, 2020.

Finally, keep in mind that your municipality may have additional or stricter requirements and bylaws regarding fire safety.

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