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What Are the Primary Causes of House Fires in Quebec?

Causes of Houses Fires in Quebec | Guard-X

Each year, an average of 18,500 fires occur in Quebec. That's one fire every thirty minutes. But what causes all these fires? At Guard-X Inc., fire suppression system specialists in Montreal, we invite you to keep reading to find out more and learn all the tips from our experts.

Four Things You Can Do to Protect Yourself From Fires

The most common cause of fires in Quebec: human error

Distraction, negligence, and recklessness cause the majority of residential fires. In fact, human error causes a quarter of all fires in Quebec. A forgotten pot on the stove, an unsupervised candle burning, an overburdened electrical outlet, a dirty drier filter—unfortunately, these unconscious or careless blunders can cost you dearly.

Here are a few statistics concerning the most frequent causes of fire:

Nearly 30% of home fires start in the kitchen
Ovens, friers, and microwaves cause 25% of fires
Candles, hot cinders and smoking paraphernalia are the second most common causes of fire in the home
Electrical sockets, wires, cables, Christmas lights and other means of distributing electricity through your house cause 15.6% of fires
Four things you can do to protect your family against fires

When a fire starts in your home, time is of the essence—the fire and smoke can trap your loved ones in as little as three minutes. To avoid the worst, here are a few things you can do:

Install a smoke detector in each floor of your home, including the basemen
Regularly check that your detectors are functioning properly and replace them ten years after their date of manufacture
Have an evacuation plan ready and make sure every member of your family is familiar with it
Run an evacuation drill at least once a year so everyone knows what to do
For your and your family’s security, buy the best fire suppression system

At Guard-X, we’ve been devoted to home and personal security for seventy-five years. We can show you the best kinds of fire suppression system on the market today. Having peace of mind is easy: contact us to find out what you can do!