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What Are the Different Types of Fire Alarms Required for Retirement Homes

Fire protection systems for retirement homes

The adoption of Bill 122 and fire protection systems

Following the adoption of Bill 122 on March 18, 2013, all Quebec nursing homes, CHSLDs and hospitals with more than 10 residents must comply with new building code regulations. In this blog post, we’ll inform you about the different kinds of fire alarm systems required for hospitals as well as the specific obligations that apply to all health-care facilities.

Fire safety equipment mandatory for all hospitals and CHSLDs

The building code comprises all standards and regulations concerning the health and safety of building occupants, with a section dedicated to measures required to protect buildings against fire. Among the many requirements outlined in the code is the mandatory installation of various fire safety measures in all hospitals. Here is a list of the required equipment:

A stage-2 fire and smoke alarm
A sprinkler system
Emergency lighting for hallways and fire escapes
Door closers
Fireproof doors, walls and floors

Special obligations with regards to fire safety for hospitals and CHSLDs

The National Fire Code – Canada 2010 (NFC) has established requirements for fire protection for all medical centres in Canada. These requirements are echoed in the building code and apply to every hospital in Quebec. Here are a few of these requirements:

Contractors tasked with maintaining and repairing fire safety devices and systems must be appropriately licensed
All fire safety systems must be in proper working order at all times
Establishments must have an evacuation plan in place
Establishments must carry out at least one fire drill per year
A full inspection of fire safety systems must be performed annually by a licensed contractor

Our installation, inspection and maintenance services for hospitals

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