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Why Are Sprinkler Systems Important for Condominiums Buildings?

Sprinkler systems in condominiums | Guard-X

Find out more about the benefits of sprinkler systems in condos

In Quebec, several fire protection regulations regulate the places where people live and sleep, such as hotels, motels, seniors' residences, apartment buildings and, for the purposes of this blog, condominiums. Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, emergency lighting, alarm systems... many products are mandatory, while others are highly recommended. To learn more about the usefulness of sprinkler systems in condominium buildings, read this article!

When it comes to fire safety. what are the main differences between a house and a condo? 

In a private residence, emergency exits (main door or patio door, for example) are usually much easier to access than in a building with a large number of condominiums. In addition, there are less occupants, which simplifies evacuation. And before the fire reaches neighboring homes, firefighters usually have time to bring the blaze under control..

On the other hand, to get out of a condo building in flames, the large number of tenants have to go through long corridors and down one or more flights of stairs before getting their first breath of fresh air outside. And unfortunately, in large buildings not protected by sprinkler systems, fire can spread rapidly from one unit to another, causing an explosion in insurance claims within days! Not to mention the fact that fires can have tragic consequences, which we don't need to dwell on...

Why should I opt for a sprinkler-protected condo?

To avoid loss of life, injury and serious property damage, nothing beats a professionally installed and maintained sprinkler system. Fully automatic, it requires no human intervention. What's more, this fire protection equipment gives you a definite insurance advantage. That said, sprinkler systems must be inspected by a professional every year.

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