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Sprinkler Systems

Like all fire protection devices, modern sprinkler systems are built with cutting-edge technology. Given their crucial importance in protecting individuals and buildings, they must be inspected and maintained regularly by specialists.


Regularly checking your sprinkler system involves ensuring that the components are not obstructed and/or damaged. An annual professional inspection of your sprinkler systems is recommended once a year. This thorough check ensures that your system is functioning properly so that it is effective and safe in the event of a fire. Our qualified technicians can identify any minor anomalies and make necessary repairs, if needed. The comprehensive inspection includes, among other things:

  • The draining system;
  • Inspecting system components;
  • Checking the alarms that are connected to the sprinkler system;
  • Checking sprinkler heads and control valves;
  • Testing valves;
  • Providing a detailed inspection report and certificate.


Furthermore, regular maintenance is necessary during winter to prevent freezing in auxiliary drains. This includes checking unsupervised control valves as well as air and water pressure in air systems. Additionally, it is advisable to test alarms not connected to a control panel once a month. Every two (2) months, it is also important to test water flow and monitoring devices and inspect electrically operated valves. Finally, supervision switch checks for valve switches and sprinkler supervision devices should be carried out every six (6) months.

At Guard-X, our professional technicians are experts in installing sprinkler systems and other fire protection equipment in businesses, shops, private residences, condos, and buildings. Available at all times, we cover the greater metropolitan area (North Shore and South Shore).

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