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Fire Extinguishers

Portable FIRE extinguishers

Among the various fire protection systems, portable fire extinguishers are particularly practical because they can be used quickly. It is therefore essential to have one that is always functional at hand. Looking for a portable fire extinguisher for your home, apartment block, restaurant, repair shop or office building? Guard-X Inc. is your supplier of choice to help you find the type of extinguisher you need.

Inspection and installation of  extinguishers are managed by standards governed by the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association). All our work comply with the requirements of NFPA Standard 10, which governs the location and maintenance of fire extinguishers. Guard-X Technicians  are experts in the use, installation and proper maintenance of all portable fire extinguisher.

We are confident that you will find a fire extinguisher that meets and best suits your needs. We prefer chemicals SENTRY because we recognize that high quality products are essential in an emergency.

Location and maintenance

Fire extinguishers should be installed:

  • In accordance with the requirements of NFPA 10 standard

  • Prominently - never suspend anything on the extinguisher

  • Far from the reach of small children

  • Near an exit door

  • Away from stoves and heaters

  • With the instructions label clearly visible (never paint a fire extinguisher)

* Do not forget to read the instructions and familiarize yourself with the fire extinguisher. If a fire occurs, it is not the time to learn.

Using a portable fire extinguisher

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for the size and type of fire extinguisher you are using. Extinguishers do not all work the same way.

  • Pull the pin - For some models, remove the safety pin

  • Aim low - Aim the nozzle or cone at the base of the fire

  • Press the handle - To release the contents of the fire extinguisher

  • Sweep from one side to the other - While advancing with the fire extinguisher

* Do not hesitate to contact us for additional information.

Maintenance and refilling 

Did you know that Guard-X is the most recommended company for the maintenance and refilling of portable or installed fire extinguishers?

Our maintenance procedure varies according to the fire extinguisher type. If you have a dry chemical extinguisher, for example, you must have it emptied every 5 years.


The law requires that you have your fire extinguishers checked annually by a qualified inspector, such as those at Guard-X Inc., or when an inspection becomes necessary. We also recommend that you perform routine maintenance on a monthly basis.


  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the care and maintenance of your extinguisher.

  • Check the pressure gauge’s reading on the top of the extinguisher to verify that the pressure is optimum for use.

  • After inspecting your dry chemical extinguisher, shake it up and down to make sure that the powder is not compacted or settled.

Annual extinguisher maintenance (at the counter) by a qualified professional:

  • Fire extinguisher maintenance should be done at least once annually – during the hydrostatic pressure test, or whenever an inspection indicates the need.

  • Rechargeable models should be re-inspected and re-certified after each use.

  • Disposable models should only be used once and must be replaced after using.

  • The hydrostatic pressure check must be performed by the date indicated.

  • Have your extinguisher inspected regularly by a qualified professional. Contact Guard-X Inc. today.


All fire extinguishers must be refilled after each use. Our Guard-X Inc. professionals consistently follow all procedures indicated by manufacturers’ standards and instructions.


  • Sodium bicarbonate, foam and pump reservoir: Each year (every 12 months) you must refill the extinguisher with water or chemical products, depending on the extinguisher type.

  • Wetting agent: Standards depend on the manufacturer’s directions. Without fail, the extinguisher must be filled only with the agent indicated on the manufacturer’s material safety data sheet.

  • AFFF: The extinguisher refill must be performed according to manufacturer instructions.

Performing hydrostatic tests

What are hydrostatic tests? These tests ensure that your extinguisher meets the pressure levels required by the manufacturer. When an extinguisher shows signs of corrosion or mechanical damage, a hydrostatic test – always performed by a professional – must be completed, subject to certain conditions of security. We recommend that these tests be performed every 12 years for dry chemical extinguishers and every 5 years for other types of extinguishers.

Call us to learn more about the maintenance of your extinguishers. If maintenance is necessary, a technician at Guard-X Inc. can perform it on-site.

Our various portable fire extinguishers: an overview of their functions and utilities

Portable fire extinguishers are classified according to the class of fire to be extinguished (A, B, C, C, D and K). Each extinguisher has a numerical rating. The higher the fire risk, the more suitable the extinguisher is for large fires. Be careful: models with very high ratings are often heavy. Make sure that when you buy your portable fire extinguisher, you can use it easily. 

At the base of any fire, there are 3 elements: the fuel (fuel for combustion), the heat source (temperature at which the fuel burns) and oxygen (maintains combustion). 1 of these elements must be removed to extinguish the fire. We have classified the extinguishers according to the fire class to which they are appropriate.

Water extinguisher: Class A

The water extinguishes the fire by cooling the fuel (Heat element). Recommended for class "A" fires: wood, paper, textiles and certain types of plastics.

  • Unloading time: 60 seconds

  • Maximum distance: 12 metres

When using, stay as far away from the fire as possible and move closer as the fire decreases.

Universal powder extinguisher ABC or BC : Class B

Interrupts the chemical reaction (combustion) by covering the fuel. It therefore attacks the Fuel element. Recommended for class "B" fires: flammable liquid, combustible liquid, gas.

  • Unloading time: 8 to 25 seconds (depending on the extinguisher)

  • Maximum distance: 4 to 6 metres

When using, stay as far away from the fire as possible and move closer as the fire decreases. Be sure to completely empty the fire extinguisher to avoid a resumption of fire.

Carbon dioxide (Co2) extinguisher: Class C

Smothers the fire by removing oxygen. Recommended for class "C" fires: electrical origin, equipment under voltage.

  • Unloading time: 10 to 17 seconds

  • Maximum distance: 1 to 2.50 metres

During use, stand closer to the fire, as carbon dioxide dissipates quickly.

Dry chemical extinguisher: Class D

Smothers the fire by covering the fuel. Recommended for class "D" fires: molten metals, special metals (titanium, sodium, etc.).

  • Unloading time: 8 to 25 seconds

  • Maximum distance: 4 to 6 metres

When using, stay as far away from the fire as possible and move closer as the fire decreases. Be sure to completely empty the fire extinguisher to avoid a resumption of fire.

Liquid extinguisher: Class K

Covers the fuel while cooling it and cuts off oxygen. Recommended for class "K" fires: combustible cooking agent (vegetable or animal oils, fats or oils). This type of fire usually originates in commercial cooking appliances.

  • Unloading time: about 40 seconds

  • Maximum distance: 3.50 metres

When using, direct the extinguishing medium directly into the cooking appliance.

Not sure what type of portable fire extinguisher is right for your workplace? You can rely on the expertise of Guard-X Inc. for any questions and advice on fire protection in Montréal. Feel free to contact us!


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