Pressurized Water

Pressurized water extinguishers at Guard-X Inc, in Montreal

Stainless steel water extinguisher

Category: Portable fire extinguishers
Sub-category: Pressurized water

Description: A stainless steel water extinguisher can be used for most Class A hazards, including office buildings and industrial locations, warehouses and oxidizing chemical storage areas. The unit features a seamless stainless shell and chrome-plated valve. The nameplate contains easy-to-read step-by-step operating instructions. The Schrader valve allows for easy recharging in the field.


  • Meets or exceeds UL standards

  • Easy operation and maintenance

  • Squeeze grip with positive on-off operation

  • Chrome-plated brass valve

  • Waterproof stainless steel gauge

  • Stainless steel shell

  • Schrader valve for pressurization

  • Designed for easy maintenance

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