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Fire Detection


At Guard-X Inc., leader in fire alarm systems in the Greater Montreal area and the rest of Quebec, we have been servicing the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clienteles for over 75 years. We offer various products, such as heat and smoke detectors that answer the strict norms of the industry. They allow you to better protect the people in your building by detecting imminent danger more quickly. You will find below a description of our products, with a summary of their characteristics. Don’t hesitate to call on our experts for more information, advice on usage and, obviously, for professional installation.

Resettable fixed-temperature heat detector

Category: Fire alarms

Sub-category: Fire detection

Code: 245A

Description: The 245A series heat detector is activated at fixed temperature and resets when the temperature returns to normal.


  • Fixed Temperature

  • Resettable

  • Open circuit

  • Easy to install

  • Protects up to 400 ft2. (37 m2)

  • ULC

  • Activated at 135° F (57° C)

Rate-of-rise heat detector

Category: Fire alarms
Sub-category: Fire detection
Code: CR135

Description: The CR-135 model is a combined rate-of-rise and fixed-temperature detector. A set of contacts that are normally open will close when the ceiling temperature increases at a (minimum) rate of 8.4° C (15° F) per minute. The closing of the contacts initiates the fire alarm sequence. The fixed temperature function, which operates independent of the rate-of-rise function, consists of a spring-loaded plunger that is held by a fusible alloy that releases when the ceiling temperature reaches 57° C, (135° F). When the plunger is released, it strikes the contacts and holds them closed. Rate-of-rise detectors must be placed at 70’ (22 m) intervals on flat ceilings, and fixed temperature detectors 40’ (12.5 m) intervals.


  • Contact rating: 3 A at 125 V AC, 1 A at 28 V DC, 0.3 A at 125 V DC, 0.1 A at 250 V DC

  • Dimensions: diameter = 5.25” (13.4 cm), height = 2.0” (4.85 cm), weight = 0.41 lb. (330 g).

Photoelectric smoke detector

Category: Fire alarms
Sub-category: Fire detection
Code: C2WBA

Description: I3 series smoke detectors represent a significant advance in conventional detection. The I3 family is founded on three principles: ease of Installation, Intelligence and Immediate inspection.


  • Plug-in detector, mounting base included

  • Large wire entry port

  • In-line terminals with SEMS screws

  • Stop-Drop'N Lock™ base attachment

  • Detector cover and chamber can be removed for cleaning

  • Built-in remote maintenance signaling

  • Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms

  • Simplified sensitivity measurement

  • Variable colour luminous indicators with wide-angle visibility

  • Loop testing using the EZ Walk function

  • Built-in test button

  • Can be mounted on octagonal and single backboxes, 4” square backboxes or directly on the ceiling

Single-stage pull station

Category: Fire alarms
Sub-category: Fire detection
Code: MS-401GX

Description: Attractive and durable, MS-401GX Series metal stations allow for manual activation of the alarm in the case of a fire. They are non-coded single- or double-action devices that initiate an alarm when the handle is pulled. To reset, simply insert a 1/8" screwdriver from the front. The handle remains open once it has been pulled, and cannot be reset without using a screwdriver.


  • Extremely durable aluminum construction

  • Attractive, low profile design

  • Standard single backbox mounting

  • Can be converted to double action

  • Optional glass rod

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