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We are happy to inform you that we are back to offer you our quality fire safety services.


We are well aware of the impact of the spread of COVID-19 on the well-being and activities of our employees, their families, our customers, our suppliers and our community. Thus, we have taken every precaution to protect you and respect the hygiene measures decreed by government authorities. Rest assured that all of our employees have access to the necessary personal protective equipment so that inspections and / or repairs are carried out safely and with the utmost respect for everyone.


Do not hesitate to contact us for all your fire safety needs: 514 277 2127.

Annual Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Fire extinguisher maintenance guide

Are you a manager or owner of a building or business? Be aware that the Building Chapter of the Safety Code requires that your portable fire extinguishers be inspected by a qualified technician at least once a year. Guard-X Inc. has the expertise and qualifications to inspect and maintain your fire extinguishers in accordance with current legislation.

Our fire extinguisher maintenance service

Guard-X Inc. offers you a complete fire extinguisher maintenance service that perfectly meets the National Fire Protection Association's standard 10, a reference in the industry. Our service includes:

  • Annual maintenance of fire extinguishers at our counter;

  • Hydrostatic tests;

  • Inspection by a qualified technician;

  • Filling according to manufacturer's standards and instructions (water, chemicals, wetting agent, AFFF);

  • Maintenance of units on wheels.

Guard-X Inc. Certification

By entrusting Guard-X Inc. with the installation, inspection and maintenance of your fire extinguishers, you can obtain our certification, a guarantee of safety you can count on.

When our technicians inspect and maintain your fire extinguishers, you receive a detailed report indicating the measures, if any, to be taken to ensure that your equipment complies with standards and regulations. As soon as your installations meet the compliance standards, you obtain Guard-X Inc. certification, which certifies that your fire extinguishers and other fire safety products scrupulously comply with the requirements of the National Fire Code.

See all the advantages of Guard-X Inc. certification.

Once our technician has completed the maintenance, he will provide you with a label indicating that the inspection of your unit has been completed.

Monthly fire extinguisher maintenance procedures

We recommend that you perform the following maintenance procedures each month:

  • Make sure that each fire extinguisher occupies the designated location;

  • Ensure that the fire extinguisher is visible and accessible.

In addition, check these elements:

  • Are the instructions for use legible?

  • Is the fire extinguisher full?

  • Is the device damaged or rusty?

  • Is the exhaust pipe blocked, dry or cracked?

  • Is the pressure gauge (fire extinguisher pressure needle) in the operating position?

  • Are the fire extinguisher identification plate and material safety data sheet (WHMIS) in place?

If you notice any anomalies or if your fire extinguisher has been used for even a few seconds, you must contact us immediately.

Guard-X Inc. is your partner in fire safety in Montréal, Laval and the Greater Montréal area. To learn more about the maintenance of your fire extinguishers, call us.


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