Leader in fire safety for over 75 years!

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Fire alarms

Guard-X is an enterprise fully dedicated to the security of individuals, enterprises and material goods. We offer a wide array of services and fire alarm systems adapted to both residential and commercial sectors alike.

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Extinguishing System

Whether it be for your enterprise, shop, condominium, rental unit or private residence, you can trust Guard-X INC.

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When it comes to installations and inspections, our team of experts fully respects all safety requirements as designated by current codes and standards.

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Fire Extinguisher

Portable fire extinguishers are the most practical element of fire protection systems. Having well-maintained extinguishers within reach is a top priority in the event of a fire emergency

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Security System

Guard-X offer various security-related products and services, including the inspection and installation of intercoms, gas detectors, video surveillance and much more!

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Guard X offers specialized fire safety training in order for your employees to be ready in the event of a fire emergency. Our fire safety training is available for businesses in Greater Montreal and across Quebec.

Guard-X: #1 Leader in Fire Protection in Quebec

For over 75 years, our enterprise has grown its fields of expertise in the fire protection industry while offering a highly professional and specialised service.

Guard-X offers inspection, installation, and maintenance services for fire alarm systems, sprinklers, extinguishers, automatic systems as well as security systems.

At Guard-X, our team endeavours to provide comprehensive solutions to residential, commercial, industrial and institutional clients for all their fire protection needs.

Our 135 devoted employees are dedicated to offering superior customer service and the highest quality products.

Here at Guard-X, the wellbeing of all our employees is of upmost importance. We are proud of being the very first enterprise composed of 100-500 employees having received the official work-life balance certification. In addition, Guard-X is engaged in its community as an official affiliate of the Enfant Soleil commission.

Thank you for the excellent service.

-Renée Deslauriers | Immeuble Charcot

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, Natacha, for your very professional, friendly and effective customer service. Please also give thanks to the technician. That you were able to attend so swiftly to our issue made a real difference. 

-Gwendolin Herder | SDC Square Benny

The Granby Zoo would like to thank Guard-X for their donation of used fire hoses. We will use these robust, malleable and secure hoses to create various products in order to improve the quality of life for our residents.

They will be recycled into food distributers, balls, hammocks, and vines that will encourage natural behavioral expression from our animals.

With this donation, Guard-X’s team promotes the recycling of used materials, and helps us along our mission to preserve the animal kingdom.

Thank you once again for your generous contribution!

-Alex Chandonnet | Coordonnateur des soins animaliers | Zoo de Granby

It is with great pleasure that I confirm my total satisfaction with your ninja-like team of multitalented, professional, expert, attentive, well meaning, innovative, and might I add magical, technicians for providing results that many others could not replicate. We feel properly protected, and the totality of the work was executed in an organised, reassuring manner.

What a wonderful team, their passion inspires me.

Thank you!

-Marie-Joëlle Le Blanc | Gite Montagnard

I am highly satisfied with the performance and the professionalism of your sprinkler system team. I feel reassured when doing business with Guard-X.

Thank you!

-Jack Mignacca | Syndicat des copropriétaires Villa Léone

I would like to, once again, express my gratitude for your huge donation of fire hoses. These kinds of hoses are worth their weight in gold for us, and it is very difficult to obtain them on a regular basis. Rest assured that every inch of these hoses will be used to create objects and toys for all our animals.

 These objects are used to populate our animals’ living spaces, which facilitates physical and mental stimulation.. At Parc Safari, the quality of life of our animals is a highest priority.

 We consider ourselves tremendously fortunate to be able to benefit from your generous donation.

 Thank you so much!

-Violaine Garant | Comité enrichissement Parc Safari

Once again, a big thank you to Natacha and Alain from Guard-X for organising the donation of these fire hoses. As I was told by our caretakers, they are worth their weight in gold in terms of improving the animals’ quality of life.

Thank you,

-Pascal Laplante | Zoo Ecomuseum


Conciliatory organisation

The Concilivi Seal is an official recognition of a healthy work-life balance as well as the importance that Guard-X places on employer-employee relationships.


Community engagement

As an Enfant Soleil affiliate enterprise, Guard-X is committed to the development of paediatrics for children all across Quebec.


Diversity in construction sites



Guard-X is engaged in the promotion of physical and mental health as well as the well-being of all its employees, because we deem our employees to be our most precious asset.